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Our design team utilizes comprehensive understanding of every rules of design and development to create innovative solution to bring an idea to life.

Our Design Process For
product Success


Brainstorming and

Understanding customer requirements is the most important factor during product design/development. In this stage we mainly focus on collecting all data required to start with product design/development. Our team put their thoughts/suggestions on the product wherever required based on their previous experience which helps our customers to make their product and decision better. Based on brainstorming and ideation secession our research team evaluate all ideas and do market research and feasibility research and document will be created based on our study, which will be sent to the customer to decide on the best idea to continue for next stage (concept development)


Concept Development

After idea screening one of the best product ideas will be suggested by the customer to continue with the concept development stage. In this stage, our design team will develop a few concepts which will be in the form of pencil sketches or digital model based on the product complexity and the same will be submitted to the customer to get feedback and approval Phases of concept development

Concept design : pencil sketches or blueprints will be created based on the ideas
Cad design : based on the finalized concept CAD model will be created with accurate dimensions considering DFM/DFAM(Design for manufacturing/Additive manufacturing),DFA(design for assembly)etc.
Feedback : once the cad design is completed same will be shared with the customer to get their feedback and approval


Prototyping and Evolution.

Physical prototype of the digital cad model will be manufactured using appropriate manufacturing method like 3d printing using FDM, SLA,SLA & POLYJEJ or conventional methods like sheet metal fabrication using laser cutting , bending and welding etc, and CNC milling, turning and so on. In this stage few clients will be also willing to test the market with low volume production which will also be considered by our team during the design phase. A final feedback will be taken from the customer before submission to ensure all the requirements are met. if any change or updates required for the product will be made and the same will be prepared for submission

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